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Queer Men of Color in Love





Damn 9 months fly by.

So yeah 9 months ago I met this fucker over here, and I don’t really know how to encompass that day. Do I talk about how he was late to our date in the Chelsea Market because he had gotten a haircut then got the wrong directions? Do I talk about how nervous I was,or maybe how exciting it was to hear the now familiar fluster in his voice on the phone explaining that he’d get to the market real soon?

No, that’s a story for another day. However, what I will say, is that I have never met someone so inherently good. There is something special about him, as cliche as that may seem. He exudes a quiet energy that he doesn’t seem to see. But I see it. More accurately I feel it. So palpable, I am always wrapped up in his energy before his arms reach me. He heals me. 

Okay, okay I am done. I just needed to get a bit mushy for sec. 

The Coleman family


I want this! <3

Almost there

At the Hmong American New Year, Minneapolis, Mn

Hmong Nkes Sib Hlub

Kenny on the left and me on the right (Eric). Our one year is slowly approaching. I love my Chulo!


stargazing w/ city lights for 3 months. c:

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happy 6 months to the most beautiful boy in the world :)

happy 6 months to us :)